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Collaborative Divorce Coaching

Collaborative Divorce is a way for couples to resolve disputes respectfully without going to court by working with trained professionals in all areas affected by the divorce.

The Collaborative Divorce Process takes place outside of court and allows divorcing couples the opportunity to:


  • Separate and divorce respectfully

  • Retain dignity through open, cooperative, and respectful negotiations

  • Protect their children from the impact of divorce

  • Avoid the trauma of court

  • Make their own decisions rather than have a judge decide

  • Co-parent more effectively and remain as friendly as possible.

Click HERE to read an interactive, on-line brochure that describes the Collabortive Practice.

As a Collaborative Divorce Coach, Rona works as part of a team that includes attorneys, mental health professionals, child specialists and financial experts all of whom are specifically trained in the collaborative divorce process. The team helps couples:


  • Negotiate creative solutions that facilitate deep and durable legal, financial and emotional outcomes that both spouses can agree to and live with

  • Find cooperative co-parenting arrangements that help manage the effects of divorce on children

  • Control their own decisions and agreements

  • Learn better ways of communicating and resolving conflict

  • Learn about the developmental needs of children and how to work together to meet those needs


Collaborative divorce is an alternate approach to marriage dissolution in which each partner retains his and her own attorney. Collaborative lawyers have additional training and experience in using non-confrontational negotiation styles. The lawyers work collaboratively with each other and with mental health and financial professionals as a team. The couple is seen as the experts in making decisions for their own future. Spouses make a voluntary commitment to not go to court to settle the dispute. Although the process is voluntary, the commitment to non-litigation is irrevocable. If either party wishes to move their dispute to litigation, the team dissolves and both parties will have to seek new representation.


The key to the success of Collaborative Divorce is the support and guidance from the professionals and the wiliness of the partners to work together despite their different perspectives. The team supports each client in articulating their concerns, fears, hopes and needs in a way that is honest yet respectful, paving the way for more empathy and cooperativeness. Both partners work together to create a positive vision for each partner’s individual goals and a shared vision for their family future post-divorce. Collaborative Divorce is a process by which all family members have the opportunity to come through the process as healthy and connected as possible.


Rona has worked with individuals, couples and families around the issue of divorce for over 20 years; helping support people through the decision-making process, through the emotional turmoil of the divorce journey and through post-divorce adjustment.  She has always been aware of the impact this family change has on all members of the family.  Collaborative Divorce is a process by which all family members have the opportunity to come through the process as healthy and connected as possible.