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Rediscover and Reconnect With Your Partner

When couples feel they can't solve their problems they can feel stuck in a pattern of behaviors and emotions that seem set in stone.  As a family systems therapist, I help couples to identify the individual and couple patterns that contribute to their discomfort and I help them to shift those patterns to add flexibility, trust, and positive emotional attachment to their relationship.


I begin by meeting with you jointly as a couple.  I then meet with each of you individually.  When we come back together for the fourth session, I have assessed what I believe the patterns are that are causing the discomfort and whether I think I can assist in helping you change those patterns.  You also have had an opportunity to decide if you want to continue to work with me.

As a strength-based, solution-oriented therapist I focus on the strengths in a relationship.  I look for the exceptions to the “everything is going wrong” that brings couples to therapy.  Together we look for those times when things are going well, for moments when the problems are not there, and we work together to have more of those moments.


I also focus on the emotional attachment in the relationship.  I guide couples through a process of healing from hurts and mistrust.  Together we work to increase trust and connection and to help you get your emotional needs met in a more fulfilling and secure relationship.


I do not advise couples on whether they should stay together or separate.  I do, however, educate on the difficulty of separation so that each can make a choice having some knowledge of what is ahead.  If you decide to stay together we work on deepening and strengthening the parts of the relationship that are working and changing patterns that are not.  If you decide to separate, I offer Divorce Counseling Services to help you be more able to go through that process with less stress and conflict especially if you have children.


Understanding your own pattern of behaviors and emotions and learning to manage yourself better will help improve the quality of all your current and future relationships.