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Learn to live life on YOUR terms.

Taking time to consider what you want your life to look like can change the course of your existence.  What do you want more of in your life?  What do you want less of?  What is blocking you, preventing you from creating the life you envision for yourself?


Therapy can equip you with the tools to engage in a deeper, more meaningful relationship not only with yourself and your loved ones, but also with the world around you.


Find meaning and balance

You may feel that some aspect of your life lacks fulfillment or meaning. You may be seeking personal growth, healing, and lasting positive change but feel stuck, lost, confused, or challenged in how best to make that happen.

People who have achieved material, financial, and occupational success may complain that they still do not feel connected to others.  They can feel that something is missing.

People from diverse backgrounds share the desire to achieve greater personal happiness, inner peace, balance, intimacy with others, and overall well being.  Whether you are going through a life transition, feeling a loss of personal meaning or satisfaction in a relationship or a career, or surviving a difficult home environment or life circumstance, help is just a phone call away.

Overcome stress, anxiety, or depression

When we feel overwhelmed by circumstances or life events our bodies can react with symptoms of worry, fear, confusion, hopelessness or changes in our energy level.  Our body is telling us that something is unsettling us.  The first step in treating anxiety and depression is to better understand how your body is responding to your life challenges. Making changes in the way we think about our problems and acting to better manage ourselves and our problems can greatly relieve the symptoms.

And here's the good news - with a better understanding of these conditions and tools to manage them, anxiety and depression are typically very treatable.  Psychotherapy has helped millions of people reduce or eliminate their symptoms.

Cope with loss and grief

Grieving is a normal part of life.  Everyone experiences it.  When you grieve it means you have lost someone or something that you have cared about.  It means “letting go" of something or someone that you had grown accustomed to or loved.


Therapy can be an important step in the healing process.  Therapy can help you accept the loss and feel its impact in a safe, supportive environment.  Therapy is a place where the pain of grief can be honestly expressed.  You can learn what supports can help you through the process until you feel "normal" again.

Bereavement can mean that there will forever be a part of your heart that feels the loss.  Healing does not erase that loss.  Healing means that you'll find the ability to form your life around a "new normal."

Break free from old habits

All of us have times when we face problems that leave us feeling confused, sad, worried, or hopeless.  We feel stuck in a pattern of behaviors and emotions that prevents us from solving our problems.


Therapy can help you discover insights and develop practical techniques to try new behaviors and break old patterns.  About 90% of how we react is outside of our consciousness.  By increasing your self-awareness you become better able to make decisions based on what you want and not just out of habit.


Empowerment comes from being better able to manage yourself, your emotions and your relationships.  You have a greater range of choices available to you in any given situation.  When you have more choices, you feel more free.  The goal is for you to find freedom at this deepest level.