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Mend and Strengthen Your Relationships

Relationships matter; whether they are romantic, parent-child, family, friendship, school or work.  Human beings are wired to be in relationship.  Our brains form and continue to grow in relationship to others.  All of us, at every age, want to feel heard, understood, and accepted.  We have a very real need to belong.  When this doesn't happen as we hoped it would, we may feel disappointment, stress, frustration, anger, alienation, pain, trauma, grief.


Having someone bear witness during these difficult times and offer professional insights and support can be extremely helpful.  All of us need a little help at one time or another.  It's part of being human.

Your Family

When you have family problems you can feel stuck in a pattern of behaviors and emotions that make problem solving difficult.  Help and support are available to identify the patterns that are contributing to your problems and to shift those patterns to add flexibility, trust, and positive emotional attachment to your relationships.


As a family systems therapist, Rona will help you to look at these family patterns.  As a strength-based therapist she will focus on your family strengths.  Together you will look for the exceptions to the “everything is going wrong” feeling.  You will look for those times when things are going well, for moments when the problems are not there, and learn how to have more of those moments.  You will learn how to increase trust and connection in your family and to solve your problems in a way that sets a foundation for the family harmony you've always wanted.

You and Your Parent

The parent-child relationship is one of the longest lasting human social ties.  While this tie is often positive and supportive it can also include feelings of irritation, tension and ambivalence.  It is common for parents and adult children to experience some tension and aggravation with one another.


Avoidance doesn't work as a strategy for dealing with these feelings.  If resentment grows so can the conflicts.  Whether you are the parent or the adult child, therapy can enhance effective communication and cooperation skills in order to create more harmony in the family.

You and Your Best Friend

Are there certain qualities that help to create and maintain beneficial, caring friendships?  Are there warning signs that can tip us off to hurtful friendships?  If so, wouldn’t it be helpful to know about these positive and negative qualities?  We could then use this knowledge to choose our friends with care and to also become a more compassionate friend to others.


Are you experiencing friendship difficulties?  Do you sometimes feel that no matter what you do, you can’t make the relationship better?  Would you like to develop more positive friendships in your life?  If so, contact Rona so that you can talk with her about your unique situation.

You and Your Boss or Co-worker

The workplace is about being part of a team working with others toward a common goal.  Employees need to work together cooperatively in order to succeed.  Improving communication skills, learning to notice how we are alike and can work together, rather than looking for differences, can go a long way toward building stronger, more productive relationships at work.


If you are experiencing difficulty with someone at work, if the situation is impairing your ability to get your job done and is hurting your performance, therapy can offer skills and techniques to help you improve your team participation.  Help is available.